Yes you can - while we are updating the documentation for these endpoints, you can use our portal documentation to view the API options for portal developers. 

There are also some undocumented endpoints which can be useful for managing developer life-cycle:

1. Create a new developer

To create a new portal developer, you can POST to the /api/portal/developers/ endpoint to create a new developer:


POST /api/portal/developers/ HTTP/1.1
authorization: your-aoi-key

    "email": "",
    "password": "CLEARTEXT-PASSWORD",
    "date_created": "2015-05-15T08:56:13.257-04:00",
    "inactive": false,
    "fields": {
        "Name": "",
        "custom1": "",
        "custom2": ""


2. Change the developer password





3. Create a key request programatically



	    "approved": true,
	    "by_user": "{developer-id}",
	    "date_created": "2015-04-10T11:19:11.77-04:00",
	    "fields": {
	        "custom1": "sdf",
	        "custom2": "sdf"
	    "for_api": "{api-id}"


4. List, approve and decline Key Requests

These endpoints are documented in our standard documentation.